Lenticular / 3D Buttons (Lenticular Printing)

Great effect with buttons

The lenticular printing is based on the printing of stripes with different image information at the lens surface. By a change of the incidence of light the corresponding visible area changes.

With vertically deposed lenses the right eye sees a different image than the left and the result is a 3D effect. With horizontally aligned lenses the same effect causes the visibility of different pictures by moving the button or changing the viewing position.This creates motion and flip effects. So depending on the light and movement of the button the picture is changing.

Please note that this type of product is available from 1,000 units up and has a production time of 2-3 weeks. Express shipping or express production is not available.

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With these buttons you can create many effects. Whether you want 3D, a change of image (flip) or animation. These buttons are always an eye catcher!

This is a set of multiple images, which produce a short film. An important aspect is that the individual images must be similar and should have the same background. Up to 24 frames can be used for this effect. It is perfect for the presentation of a movement.

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Here you get a quick change of 2-3 images. In contrast to the animation, these images can be completely different.

The best effect is reached if only two images are used. Using two images is the easiest way to maintain image quality and avoid a "ghosting" effect.

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The depth effect arises from the fact that the individual objects of the image are located on different levels. So an illusion of depth and space is created. This procedure is also called "Layer-3D".

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This effect is a mixture of the flip and the depth effect. Here, the objects in the foreground are changed by using the flip, the background remains the same and produces the depth effect.

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The morph effect is similar to the flip effect. The difference is that one picture "transforms" into another.

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This effect can be used on a logo, word or part of the picture to come into the foreground. This part seems to move away or towards the viewer. It's ideal to lead attention to a particular detail.

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Technical Limitations

Most of the limitations are a result of physical or visual requirements:

  • The 3D effect is not visible from more than 15 meters. This is a limitation of the human eye.
  • The greater the depth of an image is, the less sharp the first and last layers of the image will be.
  • Each animation effect is associated with a change of the viewer position relative to the image surface. For vertical lenses the number of images is limited to a maximum of 3.

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