Get transparency with our clear and low prices, which already include our design improvement.


You have the freedom to buy as little or as much buttons as you want. 1 or 100,000 or even more.


We guarantee punctuality:
Your buttons will arrive within 3 days.


You have the pleasure to design your button from scratch with our button designer if you want.

Fast Delivery

delivery and payment

EXPRESS (2-3 business days):
between 02/23/2018 and 02/26/2018
STANDARD (10-12 business days):
between 02/28/2018 and 03/02/2018
everywhere in the US

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Machines and Parts

manual button machine

Machines, parts and raw material, 10 years warranty!

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Button Designer

button designer

With our button designer you can create your own buttons and magnets from Scratch.

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Fabric Surface

Fabric Surface Buttons

Your image is printed on a fabric which is similar in structure to a denim fabric.

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Prickie-Buttons, Designer-Buttons

Welcome to the worlds largest shop for 1 inch designer buttons. Are you looking for cool and funny designer buttons?

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Reflective Safety Buttons

Reflective Safety Buttons

These Buttons make the darkness safe. If light shines on them, they'll reflect it and shine bright.

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