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These are frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQs, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you! If you are browsing this page outside of our business hours, your enquiry will be transmitted by email and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


That depends on the choices you make! we offer a 2-3 day Express service with UPS Express Saver. Standard orders need about 5-7 business days. The shipping price depends on the weight.
We manufacture buttons in these sizes:
round: 1" x 1¾",1¾" x 2¾",
oval: 1" x 1", 1¾" x 2¾", 2" x 2".
rectangular: 1¼" x 2¼", 2" x 3", 1½" x 4½", 2½" x 3½",
rectangular with round corners: 1¾ x 2¾"
square: 1" x 1", 1¾" x 2¾", 2" x 2".
octagon: 2"

Please take a look at the page our products/our sizes. There you can see the sizes of all buttons in relation to each other and examples.
Create your design and upload it as a JPG-file with maximum resolution, or as a PSD-file (Photoshop) or as a PDF. Please use 300dpi and the CMYK mode. You can create your file in a round or square shape, that's up to you. We will examine every file before we start production. We make your artwork match our button sizes.
By the way: The verification of your images is free of charge.
You will find further information in the file defaults.
Motifs created with the Button Designer are printed 1: 1.
With the 4 color printing, your images are printed as bright and colorful, as you know it from commercial magazines. All the colors of your image are mixed from the four basic colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK color system).
For this reason, it does not matter how many colors your image contains.
You can calculate your price with your chosen amount for each design with our price list. For every additional image the price will be updated. You can check the price when you upload an image to your shopping cart. Here you can enter your preferred versions and amounts and the system will automatically calculate the exact price.
When you choose the metallic look you must be aware that all white parts of your image will be silver metallic instead. Since we cannot print the white color the printer sees the white area as one that needs no color. Therefore it ends up as metallic. This means that NO white objects or text will be white on the final badge but instead metallic silver.
All white elements in your layout end up being neon colored since white is not a print color. We ONLY print black on our neon badges since all other colors than black are strongly altered when printed on neon paper. For neon buttons, your images always have to be in black and white colors.
When you upload a layout this will automatically be shown in the shopping cart before payment. This is NOT an indication of what your button will look like but ONLY to show that we have received your image and to remind you which file you have uploaded. The picture is automatically generated and only meant as an information for you.

If you upload for instance a PDF-file this will not be shown since that format cannot be read automatically by our system. All uploaded files will be stored in our system and your file will be reviewed and adjusted before it is printed.

Yes, it is certainly possible! Our upload system is made in a way that you can upload additional images when the first one is sent to the shopping cart. Please pay attention to the instructions during the payment process.
You can change the volume of your order in the shopping cart piece by piece. That means you can order any number starting from 1 piece. The correct price will be kept up-to-date if you make changes.
Yes, you can order directly on this website and upload your images. Keep your files ready on your computer. Please note our information about the templates.
The shipping price depends on the weight. Choose a product and you can see in the shopping cart how much the shipping price is.
The additional charge is 25 % of the net value of goods. If you choose this option in the shopping cart, the surcharge will be displayed separately.
We have no minimum order quantity. You can order any amount you want.
We deliver all over the United States. The payment methods are PayPal and credit card. After you placed your order you will receive an email with the information you need to make your payment.
Yes, that is possible. But for this case, the volume of your order should be larger than 4,000 pieces. For smaller orders, you can send us an example of your preferred color in the mail. We figure out the right color in CMYK mode. If you have a black and white picture you can choose between 19 different paper colors and additional gold and silver papers. Ask us!
We produce buttons with pin backs, key-chain buttons in various types, different magnets, lockets (token), bottle openers and mirrors, crocodile clips and stick-on buttons. For more details visit the product information page.
Our packages have to include insurance against loss and they need to be trackable.
Yes, we have. Please contact us for your reseller discount.
Have you had buttons produced before and wish that the new ones look consistent, or even better? No problem. Just send us your old button in the mail and we will make your new button, which will be at least as good as your old one.
Yes. Everybody gets a discount on Buttonorder. We offer scale prices. That means the larger your order, the lower the unit price of your buttons. You can view our prices here. If you want to order more than 10,000 pieces, please get in touch with us for your individual quote.

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